Jig shoes

Just got some lovely new photos of Ellis Hayes wearing our new shoes- "the best-looking and most comfortable jig shoes I've ever danced in"

 Click for larger image


Jig Shoe sizing

Just a reminder to order jig shoes bigger than your pumps. The leather is thicker and the toe narrower in the jig shoe, so it won't stretch much!

Perhaps one size bigger for the jig shoe...



Ally at Pacelli tells me the first batch will be ready at the end of this week.



My email is unreliable at the moment - emails just disappear, and I can't get them back.

If I don't reply to your message, please email again.


A message from Ally at Hullachan-Pacelli

We are honoured to be working with Marie Chaplin Garrett and Craig Coussins to design a new highland jig shoe which responds to the demands of today’s highland dancers. We are combining the renowned design talents of Craig Coussins with the highest quality materials and latest manufacturing techniques to create a jig shoe worth of the Bobby Munro brand. We are almost there and think highland dancers around the world will be delighted with what we have in store. We appreciate there is a lot of anticipation for this new shoe but the wait is nearly over! Ally

Jigs - yet again!

I've had a message from Alli at Hullachan-Pacelli about the Jigs - yet another delay, I'm afraid.


Jig Shoes

Latest update - the first order should reach me in about two weeks.

Watch this space... 

Jigs nearly there

An update from the factory:

Craig tells me the uppers are in the final stages, just about ready for soles and heels.

It's taken them a little longer than they expected, as it's a completely new design, and they want to get it perfect!

The best things in life are worth waiting for!



Jig Shoes update

After a few queries, I've asked Craig if we can continue the Bobby Munro "look" for the jig shoes, and I'm delighted to say they will be open-toe, with no front tab.

I'll post new pictures as soon as I have some!


Bobby Munro dancing on non-slip lino!

Janet Cook sends me news of Bobby. Janet danced with Bobby and taught Highland at Dinton.Like Bobby, she was a pupil of Peter Quinn, and competed against him at the Harpenden Highland Games. She had a job for four weeks in the 1970s, dancing with Bobby and Colin Robertson, wearing Munro shoes and advertising non-slip lino in department stores in Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow! They danced three times a day for fifteen minutes.


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