Jig Shoes... again

Two genuine (but rather old) Bobby Munro jig shoes from Heather at HMF Kilts - now I'm going to meet a shoe-maker to see what we can organise! Stella has also been investigating... 

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Ellis Hayes Canadian Open Champion

Congratulations to Ellis Hayes - now Canadian Open Champion (15yo). And in Munro shoes!

Jig Shoes

I've had a few enquiries about making jig shoes again 9 years after stopping. My shoemaker can start making the Munro design again, but they would be expensive (around £100 a pair!). If anyone has any old Munro jig shoes they're willing to lend or sell, I can investigate other shoemakers.

Colin Robertson

I'm delighted to have made contact with Colin, who was a dancer in the 60's and 70's and knew Bobby well. He's passed me some of Bobby's sales materials from way back!

I've put some in the gallery, but just take a look at these prices!

MUNRO bespoke Kilt Socks

    Available now; MUNRO Kilt Socks.

                                Handknitted in Scotland.

                                 Two designs: Ribbed and Arran.

4ply or double knit.      Colours: cream.  red.  green.  blue.  black.  pure white.

See Shop for details, and how to order.


Our first enquiry from Argentina this week.

If Luciana can get in touch again, I'd be grateful - her email address was typed in wrong, so I can't reply to her query!



New Office Assistant

Callum's finding the office work a bit much these days, so Stella has come down from Scotland to help out!


Ellis Hayes

I've posted a new photo of Ellis, a real champion who wears Bobby Munro shoes, in the Gallery.

You can find more information in the Galloway Gazette , who provided the photo.

Halloween at Philipps House

The ghosts of Scottish dancers return to Philipps House for Halloween.

Can you spot any wearing Munro shoes?



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