Price rise

I'm afraid I've had to make a modest increase in our prices.

This is to help cover the cost of payments through PayPal.

It is actually less than the cost of receiving these payments, but with the increase in the use of Paypal I have little choice!

I still think Munro shoes are very good value!


A Munro Champion!

Congratulations to Ellis Hayes of Newton Stewart, once again the World Juvenile Highland Dance Champion.

She won the championship at the Cowal Highland Games in Dunoon in August.

And of course, she was wearing Munro Shoes - take a look at the news article and photo on the SOBHD website.


I've just discovered a video of Bobby dancing in Stockholm in 1980!

Many thanks to Erik Norstedt for posting this.


The Fling

The Lilt


Signed in Gold!

I've just taken delivery of the latest batch of shoes from our master craftsman, Derek.

We now have 'Bobby Munro' in gold on the sole - not quite as flamboyant as Bobby's own signature (see our home page) but very pleasing nonetheless.


John Baker - dancer

John Baker sent me some splendid photographs from years ago, taken at the ITV studios in 1973.

You can see his Munro shoes - he must have been one of Bobby's first customers!

Look at our Gallery for more photos...

Joe Murphy

It was lovely to hear from Joe Murphy of Carlisle this week.

He'd seen our advertisement in 'The Reel' and was keen to get some Munro shoes, having worn them at St Andrews many years ago. He said:

"I was converted to Munro shoes at Summer School, St. Andrews many years ago when I joined Bobby's Highland class. I tried [other] shoes … but found that these shoes did not compare with the Munro product. I am looking for another pair of Munro shoes."



Photos of Bobby

If anyone has any photographs of Bobby Munro - especially of him dancing - I'd love to be able to add them to our gallery.

I've already added two photos taken at Dinton - including one of Bobby with his beloved Cessna!


Pipe Major Peter Quinn

Just to acknowledge that Pipe Major Peter Quinn was a leading Highland Dance teacher in London and Bobby was one of his students.

Welcome to our new website!

I hope our long-standing customers will like what we have done.

As Bobby himself was a champion Highland dancer, he knew how important the shoe is to a dancer: the look, lightness and flexibility.

He designed his shoe to satisfy these criteria, and it has been popular for over 40 years now.

I took on selling the shoes after Bobby died in 1998, and having moved from Cuckfield decided to set up the business on the internet as well as by phone and mail.

Any suggestions for improvements to the website will be welcome (though not necessarily acted upon!).


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